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NOTE: Anything above 4x/day requires manager approval.

Support cannot ping this device over the air. The device is locked into the programming with which it is shipped. If programming must be changed, the device must be returned for in-house reprogramming.

Due to the lithium battery, these devices must ship ground.

Covert Installation: Though the device may report accurately in covertly installed locations, we do not recommend this type of installation due to the potential for lost data and/or diminished battery life.

This is a new satellite-only asset tracking device intended to help replace the TT-1800s & TT-3000s. It’s a battery-operated unit, working off of (4) AAA Lithium batteries that are field replaceable, and purchasable at any retail store that sells batteries (they ship default with 4 Energizer Ultimate Lithium AAA batteries installed).

Default programming on these will be 2x/day unless otherwise noted in the Configuration field of the Est/SO, accommodating report intervals up to 4x/day. In extreme cases, these devices are capable of motion reporting but this requires approval prior to purchase. Per the vendor contact, the estimated battery life is as follows:


Base Model

Non-Powered Asset



Internal Battery Only

Heartbeat Only

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