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This is a new satellite-only asset tracking device intended to help replace the TT-1800s & TT-3000s. It’s a battery-operated unit, working off of (4) AAA Lithium batteries that are field replaceable, and purchasable at any retail store that sells batteries (they ship default with 4 Energizer Ultimate Lithium AAA batteries installed). Default programming on these will be 2x/day unless otherwise noted in the Configuration field of the Est/SO, accommodating report intervals up to 4x/day. In extreme cases, these devices are capable of motion reporting but this requires approval prior to purchase. Per the vendor contact, the estimated battery life is as follows:


NOTE: Anything above 4x/day requires manager approval.


  • Device Naming

    • Base Model

    Device Compatibility

    • Non-Powered Asset

    Reporting Catalyst

    • Heartbeat Only

    Power Source

    •  Internal Battery Only

    Data Transmission Mode

    •  Cellular

    Battery Options

    • Replaceable
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