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The PNP-3200 series are Plug-N-Play devices that plug directly into a vehicle’s OBD-II port (light-duty vehicles only).


This device reports engine diagnostics by default (OBD-II Pass-Thru cable is available for concealed installation/additional OBD-II port access).


Driver ID and Remote Panic functionality are available through the use of the BLE Keyfob. Additional features such as ELD, Messaging, and Input Monitoring are NOT supported with this device.


NOTE: This device provides better OBD-II diagnostics on newer vehicles.



  • Device Naming

    •  PNP: Plug-and-Play
    •  A: AT&T 4G/LTE
    •  B: Battery Backup

    Device Compatibility

    •  Light Duty Vehicle

    Reporting Catalyst

    •  Motion
    •  Ignition


    •  Remote Panic Kit
    •  Buzzer
    •  Engine Diagnostics
    •  Driver ID

    Power Source

    •  Backup Battery

    Data Transmission Mode

    •  Cellular

    Battery Options

    •  Not Replaceable
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