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This is the next-generation telematics gateway designed to support enterprise applications, requiring a robust set of fleet features. Equipped with built-in ECU (Engine Control Unit) vehicle interface technologies for both light and heavy-duty vehicles.


NOTE: The GPSI-5000 does not ship with a hardwire harness by default. Bulk orders will receive one (1) harness per every 10 devices. Orders of 9 devices or under will include one (1) harness. Additional harnesses can be made available by request.


  • Device Naming

    • L: Verizon 4G/LTE
    • B: Battery Backup

    Device Compatibility

    •  Light Duty Vehicle
    • Heavy Duty Vehicle

    Reporting Catalyst

    •  Motion
    •  Ignition
    • Input Sense


    •  Remote Panic Kit
    •  Programmable Inputs
    •  ELD / HOS
    • Temperature
    •  Engine Diagnostics
    •  Driver ID

    Power Source

    •  Backup Battery
    •  External Power

    Data Transmission Mode

    •  Cellular

    Battery Options

    •  Not Replaceable
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